Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bill Janovitz Covers Others

Guilt of all sorts:
I havent been able to put in the necessary time and energy to rightfully call this a "blog" (is there an expiry date after which you can no longer call you efforts a "blog"?)

By way of explanation:
This online page exists because I really fell for bowhowdy's music blog.
Boyhowdy's blog led me to Star Maker Machine.
Star Maker Machine accepted me as a blogger.
I have been coordinating Star Maker Machine posts since January 2013.

Star Maker Machine (SMM) gets a lot of "hits": several hundred a day/15K a month. Included in those attentions are probes from aspiring musicians - and, as moderator at SMM, I get daily mails with links to some great music I could share with you, and that will be the subject of a soon-upcoming post here. (SMM does not accept that kind of promo/targetted music)

However, back to the guilt: help me count them out: (1) havent been blogging here for way too long, (2) aint linking to the SMM targetted promo music, and (3) I feel I maligned one of my favorite musicians and dearly want to address that perception (if it exists): the topic of this week's post: Bill Janovitz

In my recent SMM post, I griped that a song I legally (as far as I know/knew) downloaded from is now blocked from sharing. I realize that I dont necessarily have the right to share a song I once-upon-a-time downloaded, but I thunk I ought to be able to link to it/send others there to also get a "personal copy".

Aint so: is no longer what it was, and its archive of music is no longer what it was. I can't speak for Janovitz's current frame of mind (and honestly beleive that it is his handlers and not he himself that have made the sharing more difficult), but I am hurt that music that was once share/free is no longer so. I have run across the same thing with some of the Grateful Dead's music as well.

All this, because this blog was brought online to share and celebrate legal free music.

Enough: on to what we can (or appear to be able to) share legally/freely - and the GREAT post-topic musician: Bill Janovitz

Check out his personal website to learn more than I can include here. However, one of his projects that he doesnt seem to be giving much time to these days (and the one where he outright states that he sees no problem with people sharing a song or two because it likely advances the career of the promoted musician) is his cover tunes blog.

There are some real gems there (he himself being the true gem), so alongside my limited selection of a few good ones, here is the link to one iteration of his cover blog site which you really ought to visit:

A small selection of some covers from his covers blog that I enjoyed:

Bell Botom Blues (Derek and the Dominoes)

Winter (Rolling Stones)

Here Come Those Tears Again  (Jackson Browne)